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Strep 1OM Series Kit (DesBio)

Strep 1OM Series Kit (DesBio)

Deseret Biologicals

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If you prefer you can order the "36 Week Total H Pylori Series Kit" by searching for that term on our store. This will give you everything you need for the entire process up front.

To complete the 4 Step H Pylori Series Protocol, perform the following

STEP 1 (2 months): This requires 2 (TWO) standard H Pylori Series Kits

In Month 1: This first kit should be used in ascending order (1-10).

  • Take 1 vial every third day, starting with vial 1 on Day 1.

In Month 2: This second kit should be used in descending order (10-1).

  • Take 1 vial every third day, starting with vial 10 on Day 1 of the 2nd month, then...

    STEP 2 (10 weeks): Take one vial of the 1M potency per week for 10 weeks then...

    STEP 3 (10 weeks): Take one vial of the 10M potency per week for 10 weeks then...

    STEP 4: Using the 1 oz Homochord take 10 drops 3x daily under the tongue until the bottle is finished

    • The 1 oz Homochord may also be used as a "booster" in 3 or 6 month intervals (or as needed)
    Series therapy programs often result in die-off or herxheimer reactions. These symptoms occur when toxins from dying pathogens (viruses, bacteria, parasites, candida, etc.) overwhelm the body’s abilty to clear them out. Most symptoms occur within the first few weeks of the program and are mild to moderate. Symptoms are often flu-like in nature,
    including headaches, sweats, fatigue, joint pain but will subside as you continue the protocol. You may also experience increased bowel movements.