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The Fab Five (Okay - there's more than five here)

Many clients ask us which supplements are the most valuable in helping maintain their wellness once they have finished their Program. Without too much detail and explanation, here are the top 5 (or so) supplements you should consider using on a routine basis.



Take a minimum of 2-3 grams of EPA plus DHA (add the two together from the label). I personally use the SFH formula (SO3 with D) you can find on my online store and take 2-3 tsp daily (that gives me 6 grams of the active ingredients)



We know that enzyme production declines as we get older and that means potential for maldigestion symptoms and can also set you up for gut infections (dysbiosis). Taking a well designed, broad spectrum enzyme blend like Enzymix Pro covers all your digestion needs, from protein to fats, fibers and carbohydrates. All you need is 1-2 caps per meal.



Probiotics used to be part of our food supply, but in the last several decades farming and food manufacturing practices have stripped our foods from healthy bacteria that normally do good tings in our guts. Things like making vitamins, helping immune responses, controlling inflammation, making chemicals our gut cells can use and even acting as part of our detox systems. More recent research tells us that consistency of use is perhaps the most important aspect of using probiotics and that within a week or so of stopping them your “microbiome: begins to shift. I personally use either Strengtia (2 caps per day) or Therbiotic Complete Powder (I put ¼ tsp in my protein shake).



By now you may have heard that Vitamin D is actually a hormone, and that it is derived from cholesterol. It participates in hundreds of bodily functions and supports major systems like immune balance and control. I take 4-6,000 IU per day on top of getting lots of sun here in the south.  I like the Liqua D sublingual, since it absorbs quickly and efficiently. 



Life is nothing but inflammatory and your wellness hinges on being able to control how your body responds to all the inflammatory triggers around you. What’s more, if nature has given us anything that’s close to a “silver bullet” as we can get, then it’s turmeric and resveratrol. The science and research no these two, both individually and used together is nothing less than spectacular. I use both, right after I work out, to control post exercise inflammation. But you can take it any time if you use it consistent.  I prefer TurmeroActive and ResveroActive because their liposomal formula allows better absorption than capsules and powders. I take 1 tsp (5 ml) of each daily.



All antioxidants are good but some are great - and the one that rises above all others is Glutathione. It is THE major antioxidant that protects your cells and controls cell damage and aging. IN fact, cells get damaged and die only when their glutathione levels are compromised. Which is easy to have happen since stress, environmental chemicals and things we're exposed to every day deplete our glutathione stores.  I like to use 1 capsule of AC-Glutathione and 1 capsule of Glutathione Recycler together.







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